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Dog Creek Lodge Event - Challenging Extremism in the MT Legislature

Please join the Flathead Democrats and the Flathead Democratic Women Jan. 14th from 12-5pm for an informative session on the Montana Legislature at the beautiful Dog Creek Lodge in Olney.
More Info:

Come for some cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, or stay warm and socialize in the Lodge. And enjoy a fascinating panel discussion about extremism and our MT Legislature.

Key information:

  • Cost:  $25 for persons under 30 - $30 for persons age 30 and older.  Children 8 and under free.  Trail passes not included – trailpasses available for $15 (30% discount)
  • Food Included: Three choices of chili – including a vegetarian option – a corn muffin and coffee or hot chocolate
  • Cash Bar:  Beer and wine available at the Lodge
  • PanelPresentation:  Starting at 2:30 with speakers including Dave Fern – House District 5 Rep, Monica Tranel - former congressional candidate, and Mike Jopek – newspaper columnist and former Montana Legislative House District Rep
  • Dessert:  Slices of homemade pie will be served at the Lodge


Click here to view more about the Dog Creek Lodge.

January 14, 2023
12:00 pm
5:00 pm
Dog Creek Lodge, 8775 US-93 North, Olney, MT 59927
  • Find out what bills – good, bad and ugly - are being proposed to the legislature
  • Gain an understanding on how a bill can become law
  • Learn how you can participate and how you can make a difference: we have a plan, now we need your help!