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Climate Emergency
Currently, Montana averages 5 days a year with temperatures exceeding dangerous or extremely dangerous levels. By 2050, the state is projected to see nearly 15 such days a year.
Explore all the Montana climate risks, including Climate Central's analysis of how hot our Parks are going to get this century.
Trump Not King
Last week outgoing Energy Secretary, Rick Perry, proclaimed Donald Trump the chosen one "ordained by God" to be President. But this was  followed by the ringing declaration of a US District Court judge: Trump is no king.
This decision rejects Trump's effort to shield his former White House counsel  from testifying before Congress.
Open Lands
The Trump administration is systematically remaking U.S. policies toward public lands, moving aggressively to open protected areas for development.
It's the largest reduction in protected public lands in history, a Yale study finds. Critical for Montanans to step up and stop our treasures from be destroyed. Read More.

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