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Trump Removal
Recently, Christianity Today, a leading evangelical magazine, published an editorial condemning Trump's "immoral character" and calling for his removal from office.
Is there an "evangelical resistance"? Unlike Republicans in Congress, there are evangelicals condemning Trump for his actions, at great personal cost. Read more.
Make Government Work
There is one surprising aspect of Trump's campaign to neuter the legislative branch: the complicity of congressional Republicans. Supporting every Trump overreach will serve to encourage continued and likely even more dramatic executive branch abuses.
We need 3 co-equal branches of government. Learn more.
Gianforte Would Gut Public Schools
There’s nothing new about a political candidate trying to get elected by promising to cut taxes, but Gianforte’s suggested 30% reduction in taxes across the board would gut local public schools.
It would be a tragedy to elect a governor who would devastate Montana’s public education system. Find out more.

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