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MT Republicans War Against Women
While Republicans got themselves elected to the MT Legislature on promises of higher-paying jobs, they have spent far more energy on a war against sexual assault survivors and the reproductive rights of Montanans.
Rep. Sheldon-Galloway dismissed the pain of those who have been sexually assaulted, saying “nature has a way” of ending pregnancies that occur from sexual assault.
MT Legislature is Overwhelmingly Bad
With a Republican governor for the first time in 16 years, the GOP-controlled Montana Senate and House are more enabled than ever to advance really toxic legislation.
The sheer number of bad bills is overwhelming. This article takes a look at some of the worst making their way through the chambers and potentially to the governor’s desk.
Gianforte Lifts State Mask Mandate
Against CDC recommendations, Gov. Gianforte ended MT's statewide mask mandate.
Despite touting his commitment to vaccinating Montana’s most vulnerable before lifting his mask mandate, Gov. Gianforte is now going back on his word and endangering the health and safety of those he has a duty to protect. Only around 42,000 vaccinations have been given so far.

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